Megalophobia is a derivative fan work off of a different derivative fan work for Undertale! Horrortale was initially created by Sourapplestudios !!

This series has no affiliation with Undertale or Toby Fox on any level! It is completely fan made and is cared for with love and the mental illness that rots in my brain.




HELLO!! I'm Gutzz! I like drawing pain and agony and hot men who kiss me.

I'm your local ghoul set out to spread the good word ( PROPOGANDA ) I am completely sane and do not need any psychiatric evaluations!

Very big OC x canon enthusiast!!

I ate a bug once ( accident )

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I highly suggest reading through Sourapple's Horrortale comic to become better aquainted with this AU! You can read through Megalophobia just fine without doing so, but it'd be lovely to be familiar with the source material. :3

CONTENT WARNING: Heavy amounts of blood, gore, profanity, light nudity, adult humor, existentialism, cannibalism, themes of depression, scuicide, and toxic relationships.

Please, proceed with caution!



Set after the Neutral Ending, Frisk has already made their way through the Underground and killed their King. Undyne has thus been appointed Queen.

Unfortunately, something terrible has happened...

The Core has broken down, leaving all of the denizens of New Home without power. Seven years has passed since this incident, dusting monsters left and right.

Those that remain are but shadows of who they used to be.

With an insatiable appetite.